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What can I do to stop all these stupid laws?

Do as many of these items as possible:

  1. Join your local NRA Members' Council (Application for GGUNRAMC).
  2. Get on the CAL-ERT mail list to get emergancy alerts about when bills are ready to be reviewed. (Only a few are sent out each year)
  3. Regular check the "Legislative updates" frequently during. (Directly left)
  4. Sign up for the GGUNRAMC Email Alert
  5. Inform friends and associates of what to do to help save our rights as requested here.
  6. Know the stand on the Second Amendment of office holders in the Members' Council's jurisdiction.
  7. Introduce folks to shooting sports and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA), keep in mind that we can direct you to NRA Certified Shooting Instructors in your area.
  8. Lastly, if you cannot do anything above, please donate to the NRA, but we really need your time and YOUR VOTE!

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